When people start considering what to do for their next flooring choice, the two main things they tend to talk about are carpeting and hardwood flooring. While the local San Antonio flooring experts can certainly make recommendations about which of the two would suit a given home the best, a smart homeowner can do a lot of the research on their own. The following information can help with that research a great deal, so read on to find out whether hardwood or carpet might be the best choice for your home.

The Benefits of Hardwood

Perhaps the best known of all hardwood flooring benefits is that hardwood floors are very visually striking. In fact, when people are in the market for high end homes, hardwood floors are usually one of the first things that they will look for. Very few new homes are built today with carpeting throughout if hardwood is an option, simply because of its beauty and elegance.

Another reason that people tend to prefer hardwood flooring today is that it makes cleaning and maintenance easy. With hardwood floors, it is only necessary to do an occasional sweeping and periodic polishing to keep the wood looking its best. It takes only minutes per week to maintain hardwood floors properly, and spills are easy enough to clean up with the quick swipe of a rag.

The Benefits of Carpet

Carpet is a top choice for anyone who is looking to get the best possible pricing. Often, carpet will be only around half the cost of a new hardwood floor. While carpet is certainly cheaper, it does not last as long as the average hardwood floor. On average, carpet will retain its original appearance for only a few years, and most carpet needs to be replaced within a decade. To keep carpet looking as nice as possible, regular vacuuming and even professional cleaning will be needed.

One potentially significant advantage of carpet is warmth. For people who live in colder areas, it can be especially helpful to have carpet in their homes. It is a much more effective insulator than hardwood and may even help keep the heating costs down. When you’re in the market for new floors, call your local San Antonio flooring service to discuss price, time frame, and all of your options today!